Fitting Services

Why Choose Precision Fit by Cycle Center?

Because we have made a commitment. That commitment is to the sport of cycling and the belief that every rider should be comfortable while riding a bike. There are so many misconceptions, by cyclists & non-cyclists alike,,that riding a bike is painful and uncomfortable. We are here to dispel these myths and show, one rider at a time, that the only uncomfortable cyclist is the improperly fit one.

Sizing vs. Fitting

Any experienced bicycle salesperson can pretty much tell what size bike you need just by looking at you. There are certain “rules” that define height of rider to size of bike. So, no matter where you buy, you can pretty confidently count on buying the correct “size”. But where some bike shops stop there, we are just getting started. And believe us when we say that not all “fits” are the same.

How are we different?

We have started by partnering with the best brands in the industry. Specialized Bicycles has the most comprehensive fit systems out there. They have worked with medical professionals, Doctors & Physiologists individually, to develop all the facets of fit into one comprehensive “system” that works. The Specialized Fit School was developed with Dr. Andy Pruitt of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. The BG Fit phylosophy was created “to help cyclists ride faster, longer and in greater comfort, while reducing the chance for injury.

Master fitter, Nate Rex, was one of the first 20 fitters in the nation to receive the Specialized Certified Masters BG FIT Certification. He earned this distinction through extensive training along with hours of practical training. At the time of this printing, there was 35 Certified Masters BG FIT Specialists in the nation.

Which Fit is best for me?
Complete Dynamic Fit: $300.00

During the course of this fit, we work together to find the position that is ideal for you and the way you ride. We utilize the latest techniques in our Complete Dynamic Fit including video capture and laser tracking. The pre-fit interview and 16-step flexibility assessment help us learn about you: your goals, your injury history as well as your physical attributes that will allow us to properly set up your fit, taking into consideration your limitations, your flexibility and your concerns.

Included in the Complete Dynamic Fit:

A thorough interview to discuss your cycling goals, current fit concerns and relevant medical history (such as surgeries and injuries).
A complete physical assessment, including flexibility and basic strength testing. This allows us to note and potential fitting issues such as leg length discrepancies, collapsed arches,weak support muscles and asymmetries in range of motion.
Precise cleat placement and foot positioning. We may recommend appropriate foot beds or shoes that will optimize your positioning and comfort. We use the Specialized BG products as well as “Big Meat” wedges to attain a neutral foot position on the pedal.
On the bike static (still) measurements to confirm basic position. We work within accepted, standard ranges for basic positioning.
Dynamic Video Capture via the Specialized Body Geometry DATA System. This true 3D system utilizes two cameras trained on the rider at the same time so that the fitter has the ability to see what the rider is doing on two planes. Other systems exist, but most use one camera and weren’t designed exclusively for the application of bicycle fitting.

Cycle Center Basic Fit: $150.00

Many cyclists either don’t think that they need a complete, dynamic fit or more likely, they just want someone to confirm that they are in a position that is close to ideal. We created the Basic Fit with these riders in mind. This is also the fit that is included with every road bike we sell.

The Basic FIT Includes:

Confirmation of proper cleat placement.
Static saddle adjustment. You fitter will place your bike on a trainer, and using standard fit methodology and tools, adjust both saddle height and fore-aft position.
Handlebar height and reach adjustment. Listening to the rider, but staying within accepted fit practices, your fitter will adjust both the length and angle of the stem. With new bikes, swapping stems and handlebars is included in the purchase price. With an existing fit, the components must be purchased separately and addition labor rates may apply.
Basic coaching on pedaling and body positioning is included in each fit.

Cycle Center Dynamic Tri FIT: $350.00

We fit triathletes in the same fashion as our road clients. However, there is a very different protocol and the positional outcome is quite different. If an athlete is looking to increase comfort, performance or aerodynamics, we always recommend the Complete, Dynamic Fit. By using a powerbeam trainer, we are able to ascertain if a rider is more or less effieient with the changes that we are making. We also have the ability to calculate frontal area (the size of the “hole” the rider is punching through the air). Wthether the athlete is looking to participate in his or her first race or is looking for an “edge” we can help with our precision fitting services. This fit is conducted in the exact same manner as the “Complete Dynamic Fit”.